The drum friday january 11th

The drum friday january 11th

“We’ve got the best weather ever. I’m proud of you.”

paul and kate

“We need to come here everyday and say hello to the little girls.”

johnnie the king

“When we hear music we all say “hi.” We all say hello. When we hear “hi,” we all say “hello.” That’s what makes us human.


gospelhitz“I love listening to songs that have nothing to do with me.”

thursday january 9th

“I have the power to see past things to the things we all look back at every day.”


“There are three words for my childhood dream that I’m keeping true for my family. The most important thing for me to remember now is that we have always got each other.”


“We all need a father figure now more than ever. This family, and everyone we are with, needs a voice.”

holly davis

“No matter where I was growing up, I loved playing drums. My friends used to call me “Darth Drumstick” for how I played.”

paul coddington

“What’s the difference between life and우리카지노 death?”

joseph in la

“My name is Joshua and I’m 23, and I love music. I love people, and I love my brother and his band, the E Street Band. I love everything about music, and I lovgospelhitze what I’ve seen, and done.”

kevin and laura taylor

“When I think of an artist, it’s like a person: what are their thoughts? Who has a talent? Is they an inspiration to me? When someone walks into my mind, I feel the love and appreciation for a human being. Music takes me somewhere I don’t really want to go.”

sue harry

“If someone didn’t like me, if someone didn’t believe in me, then I wouldn’t be at all there.”

mark katman

“Love of music is a fundamental part of my identity.”

tracy taylor

“music is the bridge to happiness. I’ll never give up on getting the music out on my own. That’s the secret for me to be where I’m at right now.”

mary ryan

“As long as I have my music ou